Apple Cider Vinegar Wants To Be Your Friend

Apple cider vinegar is one of the best things we can put into our bodies. Actual scientific research has found it to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels. In less-scientific research, I’ve found it to streamline digestion, improve satiety, and overall taste good. Apple cider vinegar and I have become pretty close over the years because of these benefits, and it wants to be your friend too! I know this because it told me.

A common way to ingest ACV is by taking it as a “shot,” which actually sounds vomit-inducing. I much prefer to slip it into my food like one slips their dog’s medication into a peanut butter sandwich. Here are a few painless ways you can work ACV into your diet and instantly reap its benefits.

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 5.21.20 PM.png

Use it in salad dressing.

Oil and vinegar is a pairing that’s older than peanut butter and jelly, and it’s endured for good reason. I love mixing 8 fl oz of flax or hemp oil with a few capfuls of ACV. Add some pink salt, toss with greens, and you’ve got a perfect salad base. Another way to work it into a salad format is to combine ACV with half an avocado– the vinegar actually breaks down the avocado and makes it more toss-able, if that’s even a valid term. I’m going to pretend it is.  

Stick it in guac.

Keeping with the avocado trend, you can also work ACV into your guacamole. If you use a traditional guac recipe, you’ll also be using lime juice, so you might want to cut back on that a tiiiiny bit when adding ACV so as not to make it too acidic.

Add a capful to your smoothie.

This might be a little controversial. But you won’t even taste it, I swear. Okay, maybe a little tang.

Soak cucumber slices in it.

Like pickles. (Ignore this if you don’t like pickles.) Just combine some cucumber slices with a few capfuls of ACV in a tupperware container, shake it, and leave overnight. You can also experiment with different vegetables, like carrots. Just make sure they’re thinly sliced so as to really soak up the flavor.

Buy a Bragg’s drink.

They’re amazing tbh. The grape one is my favorite because it reminds me of Snapple. Other brands, like Suja, are also catching onto the trend. I also like to duplicate this at home by combining a capful of ACV with 20 fl oz of water and a packet of stevia in my Blender Bottle.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS: Literally mix a capful into whatever you’re eating and it’ll be fine.

Now you have 5.5 different ways to transfer this elixir of the gods into your body! Just make sure to buy it raw and unfiltered “with the mother,” which sounds gross but I swear it’s not as nasty as the kombucha-type “mother.” It’s just some sediment at the bottom. Congrats on the new friendship!