A Selection of Vegan Treats Easter Candy, Ranked

vegan treats 1

Vegan Treats is one of my favorite places ever. And I’m not just saying this because I happen to share a first name with its founder, Danielle Konya. The Bethlehem, PA bakery has been serving both vegans and nonvegans alike for over a decade and earned its reputation as one of the best bakeries in the world. Best of all, VT delivers its goods to surrounding metro areas and participates in several vegfests, so you don’t have to trek all the way to the Lehigh Valley to experience the magic that is Vegan Treats.

Luckily for me, Bethlehem is smack dab in between my home in Philly and my parents’ house in northeast PA. Once every few months, I stop at the bakery on my way to NEPA and spend half my paycheck (it’s not all for me, I swear!). I’m well acquainted with their cakes, cannoli, soft serve, and the subject of this piece: their Easter candy.

While a ton of my favorite candy is accidentally vegan (hiiiii sour patch kids), most easter candy is NOT. And it’s a bummer, since my favorite part of Easter has always been finding a peanut butter cup inside of a colored egg. This is where VT comes in. They make incredible easter candy reminiscent of most vegans’ treasured childhood memories. Plus you don’t have to worry about sketchy half-wrapped chocolate eggs from a random factory!

Here are the candies I picked up this year– some classics, some new– RANKED.

vegan treats 4

5. Veganbury Egg

A true classic. I get one of these every year wrapped in the same adorable Easter-themed foil. This egg has a milk chocolate casing with cream inside– even a true-to-life yolk spot! I really appreciated that the cream had a light taste and wasn't too runny. Best of both worlds. Why does this rank at the bottom for me? Frankly, I get one every year, and the novelty has worn off. BUT if you haven’t tried one before, it’s a must.

vegan treats 2

4. Cookie Dough Bites

Covered in chocolate cookie crumbs, these little balls of dough contain full-sized chocolate chips which feel like chunks compared to the size of the ball itself. My favorite part was how soft they were. I like soft desserts. I feel like they would be good frozen as well. Being able to eat cookie dough without worrying about salmonella is truly a gift.

vegan treats 6

3. Black Coconut Ash S’mores Bunny (left)

This one was interesting to me. The chocolate was dark and rich, yet not bitter as the term “ash” might suggest. It appeared to have a peanut butter core with marshmallow around it, but the peanut butter part didn’t taste as such. In hindsight, it may have been pseudo-graham cracker. This core was dense and heavy on the confectioner sugar. I honestly wish it were more creamy, but there’s probably some scientific baking reason beyond my comprehension why it needed to be more solid. Overall, I really appreciated the marshmallow here. Felt innovative.

vegan treats 3

2. Peanut Butter Egg

THIS PEANUT BUTTER IS PERFECT. Absolutely perfect. It’s got a rich nutty taste, a teensy bit of salt, and just the right amount of fluffiness. I could eat an entire bowl of this peanut butter filling. And the dark chocolate casing complements it beautifully. If this were an award show, the chocolate would win best supporting actor in an Easter candy.

vegan treats 5

1. Cookies and Cream Bunny (right)

THIS ONE. This one was my favorite. It’s a solid white chocolate cookies and cream bunny. I usually don’t like white chocolate, yet this is the only time where I feel it is appropriate. It reminded me of a Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar, which was comforting since one of my oldest memories is eating one of those candy bars while watching my dad replace our dining room carpet. (Eating while others do manual labor is a recurring theme in my life.) As I ate this bunny, I noticed that it defied the Law of Diminishing Returns– I enjoyed it more as I continued to eat it. Conclusion: I want these commercially available year-round.

Honorable mention 1: Betterfinger bars, which I get every year but not this year because I didn’t see them at the counter.
Honorable mention 2: The incredible soft serve I ate in my car because I couldn’t say no. Brownie batter and peanut butter swirl baby!

Here’s the bad news: these candies are sold out on their site. BUT! The good news is you can still get them in-store. The drive is worth it, trust me! Or you can just bookmark this page for next year LOL.